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Baklachoff Collection

Corporate Culture

Baklachoff collection core task is customer’s happiness. We are a team which we accept as a family who wants to create projects that make people feel happy.


Our values are respect, love, belongingness and equality. We love and respect every member of our great team. Hospitality industry is a complex of different processes and operations where all departments are interconnected, and overall results depend on each team member’s performance and teamwork ability.

Our believe is that we are family. We work together, we enjoy life together.


We believe that nothing is impossible. Life is changing every day, and we need to catch up with the changes but at the same time stick to our core values and provide our guests and team members our values. We believe that happiness of our guests and team members are interconnected, and we work on improving both.


Board Members

Arsen Baklachyan
Chief Visionary Officer (Chaihona)


Anna Aganesyan

Art Director


Artur Baklachyan
Chief Communications Officer (Baklachoff Collection)

Office Team

Suren Abgaryan

General Director


Ofelya Zohrabyan

Chief Finance Officer

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Elen Vardanyan
Food Cost Accountant

Restaurants Team

Karo Gevorgyan

Director of Caucasian Captive

Amiryan Str. branch

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Inga Okroyan
Manager of Caucasus Captive Amiryan str. Branch

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Ani Garakyan
Manager of Caucasus Captive Sayat Nova str. Branch

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Hamlet Harutunyan
Manager of Caucasian Captive
Tsakhadzor branch


Ara Gasparyan
Manager of Caucasus Captive Tsaghkadzor Branch

Restaurants Chefs
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Artur Sahakyan
Brand Chef

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Arthur Avagyan
Brand Chef


Meri Markosyan
Brand Pastry Chef


Arthur Meliqsetyan
Chef of Patrick's Pastry


Baklachoff Collection

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